Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Morning Homemade Donuts

This family loves some donuts, we can put the hurt on a dozen without blinking an eye! Making them at home just makes sense, it could not be easier, a can (or two) of biscuits, powdered sugar, cinnamon, sugar, really whatever your preference is. Simply flatten out the biscuits, find something to create the hole, an plop those babies in hot oil for about 6 seconds...I mean really...yummo!


                               I find it much easier to have all my holes cut out and ready before frying
                                                These have been given a powdered sugar glaze
                                                                Chocolate glaze :)
                                                    Only a few chocolate donut holes left...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cute, Easy, and Inexpensive Gifts

I am always looking for gifts that are from the heart and thoughtful, as well as useful and fun. I think these little coasters re a hom run, pefect for grandparents. A trip to Lowes for the tiles( at .17 cents each) and little felt pads for the bottom( 4.00 for the pack) a bottle of Gloss Mod Podge, a glue stick, and any photos you like.

 Simply cut your photo to size, use glue stick to secure photo to tile, and add a coat of Mod Podge. Allow to dry completely, I used multiple coats. Your tiles may have an uneven edge from the manufacturer, no problem. Just give a coat of craft paint in the color of your choice. Glue the felt pads onto the four corners( so it wont scratch furniture). Now, stack together and wrap with a pretty ribbon. Easy peasy :)