Friday, May 11, 2012

Really, it's May already?

Well hello my peeps, things in this little part of the world have been hoppin! My, my, how time flies when your hustling & trying to hold your sanity together, by a string! Oh, of course what I meant was, when your having fun. ;)  Jordan will be graduating next week( my baby girl) and we have been soaking up all that being a senior in high school has to offer, then there is the news that she will be leaving for an academic career in LA~insert boo hooing here! Anyway, glad to hop back on Cupcakes! Since we will be hosting a luncheon, to celebrate her graduation, I decided to put together a few more tier plates. I mean really, one can never have too many, right?? Had some old pieces, some e6000, & now I have more cute space for cheese's & crackers.


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