Thursday, July 21, 2011

Paint projects

Hello,  I was finally able to get outside even though it was late in the evenings, due to the extreme get a few little projects done. I am really happy about the Faith, Love, Family sign that I made out of an old side board to a bed. I started out just painting it heirloom white, then sanded it a bit, painted my words on and let it dry for an hour or two, gave it a coat of walnut stain and wiped off the excess off after a few minutes. A little more sandindg of edges  and she was done. This baby is over 6 1/2 ft. long, so im not sure were it is going  yet, either over my entertainment wall or on a beam between the family room and kitchen.                                                           Next is a great little find from the goodwill. An old cheese dome for 4.99 and a solid wooden candle holder for 1.99.  I started out by removing the glass dome and sanding both pieces. I painted them heirloom white, distressed, a light coat of stain and a little more sanding. Then used E6000 to glue the pillar to the bottom of the tray and there it is, my Pottery Barn knock off for 7.00! :))


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