Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meet the crew!

Since I will no doubt be talking alot about my children and hubby, thought I would share a brief bio on everyone.
My husband is Caleb, he is in the financial service industry. We have been married for four years and have a daughter, Carrington together, A.K.A. CareBear.
I have three older kidos from a previous marriage, two daughters and a son. My oldest daughter, Jordan, is now 17 and a senior this year. She is very passionate about the Theater Arts, Musical Theater, and is a self taught guitarist and piano player.
My son Michael, is 15 and a sophmore in High School. His interests are sports and especially skateboarding.

Hannah is the youngest of the older three, she is 13 and in the 8th grade, she has been active in soccer and tumbling. This year she tried out for Cheer and...made it :). So, that is just a little tidbit on everyone, hope you enjoy following along!


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